07 June 2011

Body & Soul Week :: Tone Those Arms

Welcome to Body & Soul week. I thought this would be a perfect time to start a new feature, being pre-summer (if we ever see summer) and all. This is the other time, besides New Years, that we start thinking of ways to get our bodies looking great. Part of looking great is feeling great which means you must also adjust your diet. It’s a big deal people. We all need a little encouragement and/or motivation to get our booties back to the rhythm, no matter how in shape we [think] we are, right? Right!

Day 2 :: Tone Those Arms

Alright Peeps, how often have you grabbed the pepper shaker or spice container and while sprinkling that little kick on your food you notice that your arm fat is shaking more then the container you are holding? Oh too often I'm sure.  I will grab said shaker and make the motion just to see how my arms are toning.  Seriously.  It works.

One of my insecurities lately has been my arms.  I had been focusing on my core, legs and butt for a while that I forgot about my arms.  Until I saw a picture of me in a tank top that is.  'WHOA! Where's the muscle?', is what immediately crossed my mind.  At first I tried to tell myself the camera does add 5lbs. BLAH! Really? Momma needed to step it up a notch ... like yesterday.  So I got to it ...

Arm circles: I stand with my core tight, my legs spread shoulder length apart and my arms extended like an airplane and holding my little dumbells.  Then I rotate my arms, from the shoulder, 15 times forward and 15 times backwards.

Shoulder Press:  My core and legs are the same as above and my arms, with my dumbells, are extended straight up, palms facing forward. Then I bend my elbows bringing my dumbells to my shoulders 15 times.

Triceps: My core and legs are spread the same as above but this time my knees are bent a little I'm holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms straight down at sides, palms facing back.  Then I lift arms straight back about 2 feet behind me 15 times.

Curls: My core and legs are the same as above and I have a dumbell in each hand.  I curl one dumbell at a time, 15 times for each arm.

Overhead:  My core and legs are the same as above and I have a dumbell in each hand, palms facing inward (toward my head).  I lift my arm straight up then bend my elbow bringing my dumbell to the back of my shoulder. Each arm 15 times.

I don't know the technical names, if there are any, for these exercises but I think I described them pretty well.  I started at 11 times per arm and am up to 15.  I move up when my current number becomes less of a challenge.

I am not an expert in any way but everything I am sharing with you this week works for me. I am hoping to relay the good-ness in a way that is easy to understand so you don't get discouraged or bored.  These moves are not hard. 

Remember, the hardest part to changing your lifestyle is creating the habit.  Once you have that the rest is easy breezy!