11 February 2011

Classroom Valentines ~ On a budget

Hello! It's almost the day of L.O.V.E.  Can you believe it?  This year sure is passing by at a rapid speed but I'm not complaining.  This just means we are closer to Christmas. (heeeee heeeee) Ya, I went there. :o)

Anyhoo, when you have a child in elementary school you do the class Valentine thing.  All you parents know what I am talking about - goodies for each student.  Not just a box of cookies for the class but something separate for each kid.  Well as you can imagine, this can be an expensive project.  Here in CA our education system is one of the areas that has seen cut backs which means the classroom sizes have increased.  Daughter has 28 kids in her class (including her).  The days of spending approx $3 per child is definitely out the window so we improvised. 

It was Daughter's idea to hit the Dollar Tree {embracing proud mom moment}. Isn't she the bestest?  She picked out 35 plastic Valentine themed cups; 2 bags of red shredded paper; 36 (3 packs) pencils; 2 bags of Smarties; 3 bags of chocolate hearts; 2 bags of cinnamon discs; 2 bags of strawberry hard candy; 2 bags of jaw breakers.  Our total spent to make 35 kids smile was $26.34 and that included a Dr. Pepper for Hubber. WHOOP! {quick happy dance around the room}

How do you think we did?

Oh boy, I sure do love a good bargain.

Have a wonderful weekend!