22 February 2011

First knitting project of 2011 - Complete!

Oh. My. Goodness.  Where is this month year going? It is almost the end of February for geesh sakes! (incase you were wondering)

I am very proud to report that I am on track for the things I wanted to accomplish in 2011: exercise consistently, more knitting, crafting, etc... I have been exercising 5 days a week, I completed my first knitting project (see below) and I purchased a vintage vanity with bench that I am planning to distress. So exciting!  

First knitting project - COMPLETE!  A hat and scarf for my mom. 
 She needs these to keep herself warm while walking her dogs. I decided to surprise my momma and make her this hat and scarf and they are in her favorite color - green! (I apologize for poor photo quality). Can you see the pattern? The hat spiral and the scarf is ridged.  The yarn is soft and cozy - ahhh.  I was so excited to get them done before she left town and even more excited that she loved them!

Next project is in the pipline ... distress here I come! I am a first timer so I'm sure I will have to refer to these tips to help guide me through the process.

PS, The Bachelor was so good last night. It's official, I am on Team Emily!