12 January 2010

The Cooking Thing

I have decided
it's time to get cooking!

I know I can do it.
Just never really wanted too.
or thought I had the time.

My wonderful husband
loves to cook.

My thought: why
disturb the good thing he has going?

Well, it's time.

Almost everyone I know (& love) cooks.
And they like it. Love it actually.

They seem like they have so much fun
doing it.

We entertain a lot.  If not us then we are somewhere.
Everyone is always in the kitchen.
Talking. Laughing. Eating.

I want to make fabulous meals.

I want to buy amazing cook wear.

I want to learn how to chop food
very fast without cutting myself in the process.

I want the Kitchenaid super mixer thing.
(not sure what it is called but my brother has one)

I want to show everyone that I can make more
than deviled eggs & know it will taste delish.

I really want to use the oven and not
just clean the glass on the door.
 You sure can see the nothing cooking in there.

I want to see what's cooking.  Really cooking.

I want to cook as a family.

I can do this.  We WILL do this.

Stay tuned...