14 January 2010

Let's Dish - The First

I have gotten the
urge to cook. Really.  True Story.

I'm talking get out the cookbook,
find the ingredients, use almost everything in your
reach while preparing, completely dirty the kitchen cooking.

Yep, I started with meat loaf. 
(in my opinion)

Took some time, but easy.

The best part - daughter

She said,
"this is the best meat loaf I've had & I'm
not just saying that."

Ahhh...LOVE her.

Thank you Jessica Seinfeld for the yum
recipe in your Deceptively Delicious cookbook.

Mix it up...

Ready for some heat...

There is something in the oven.  True story.


(in our opinion)

We had fun!
What's next?

Can't wait.

I may be on to something here.