29 January 2010

The UGG Chronicles

Dear Uggs,

Oh how I love you so.
Especially in the winter.  This wet winter.
I have worn you along with my
next favorite thing -
Yep, every day for two and a half weeks
you have warmed my feet.
Kept them dry.
Brought a comfy twinkle to my eye.

Thank you hunny for my Uggs.
I love them both equally.
Well ok, maybe the tall ones a little
more than the short ones, but you get it.

My first pair...
2005 and still going strong

My second pair...
Saw Tori Spelling wearing them in US Weekly.
After that, the hunt was on.
Super thank you hunny for finding these.

In conclusion, if you don't
have a pair of Uggs I suggest you get some.
If it's your thing of course.