06 January 2010

Reality T.V....Check!

I am a self proclaimed reality show junky.
I like a lot of shows
but not all of them.

I like to give new shows a chance.
Some are permanent settings
on my DVR. 

Some get deleted.

So far this week
I have seen the premiers for The Bachelor
and The Biggest Loser.
Both great!

The Bachelor:
Jake has some good girls
to choose from.

Not sure why he kept
Little Miss Crazy though.
Definitely will stay tuned
to see what happens with that one!

The Biggest Loser:
In one word - Motivating.
Last night I had planned to
sit on the couch and watch
t.v. Just put the unpacking on
the back burner & relax.

Remote in hand I come across the premier. 
I had not realized it started again so quickly.
As I watched it dawned on me that I
simply could not just sit around
knowing my unpacking was on the back burner.

So, of course I was instantly up and moving.

I switched and folded laundry while watching 
and unpacked boxes during commercials.

Boy did I feel so much better about my night
after doing that!

Tonight the show is not on but I got
a week's worth of Motivation
just from last night's episode.

Can't wait for the next one!

P.S. Idol starts next week too. On Tuesday.
The same night. Same time as
The Biggest Loser.

DVR is my friend.