27 January 2010

Tuesday's t.v.

So BL and Idol were both on last night.

Both good shows that never disappoint.
So far...So good

Biggest Loser...
WOW, not sure what to think about
Red team or Green team for that matter.

rewind real quick...
I think Red lady threw the weigh-in
as Jillian & Bob suspected.
I don't really care for them (her) because of that.

back to it...
I do understand that Red team had to give out the cards.

Yay! for Mike and John for prevailing.
John couldn't use the gym - card recipient.
Mike got some crap from his housemates that
could have hurt his confidence. But nope.
He rocked on!

Right now, Mike is my fave.
BUT if Sunshine & her dad come back then he might get bumped.

Hmmm Green, you disappointed me.
Attitude. Attitude. Attitude.
That is all I have to say.

Moving on...

Idol ~ not much to say.
Just another good show.
However, I wasn't to thrilled with the
guest judges last night.

Don't get me wrong, I like their music.
Great performers for sure.
There was just something about how they acted last night.

Oh well...still fantastic.