12 October 2010

Game on Mr.!

Last night, after another 14 hour work day
(gosh I love being busy), I was on the couch watching the
end of a Disney Channel program with Daughter when my
text notification goes off.
Not an unusual thing in the evening since I am a Realtor and I like to be available.
So I grab my phone and see the text is from
my father-in-law who I call 'Pops'.
He and mother-in-law are the Raider season ticket holders and the ones
who introduced us to the Sac Raider Rooters who happen to
be a blast to go to games with, but ANYHOO ...
Let's move on to the content of this text:

Pops: "Next Sunday Raiders vs 49ers. Loser cooks next dinner
and not Jamie (aka Hubber), you and I."
(I like how he says not Jamie because I totally would have sat back
and let them cook. No harm no foul ... right?) :o)

Me: "Sounds good. Lord help me."

Pops: "It's throw down time."
(this is my favorite part of the text) hee hee hee

Me: "I think I can cook a little."

Pops: "I think you are doing wonderful. Keep it going."

Me: "Ahhh thank you!"

So ... I am a little nervous since I am novice and Pops is like a
master in the kitchen. Ah what the heck, it's gonna be FUN!

Game on Mr.!


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