11 October 2010

It's All Good {& a rib recipe}

I had 3 hopes for this weekend:

1) Kylee and the Rebels have 2 FUNtabulous games.
2) The ribs that I got up at 6:30 Sunday morning to season and get in the oven turn out ok.
3) The SF 49ers beat the Eagles.

Well we all know #3 did not pan out so well so let's move on to the others ...

1) The Rebels were FANtabulous on Sunday winning both of their games.
Game 1: 15-0; Game 2: 3-2
You see, this is big since Saturday they won just 1 of their 2 games.

Kylee decided to start her Sunday with a pregame breakfast.

it's what she wanted & how she wanted it
Cut huh? She's a creative little munchkin.

To change things up we brought a radio yesterday so the
girls could do their warm-ups to music
in an effort to get them pumped up. It worked!
Another mom brought red and blue hairspray and that was also a BIG hit.
They looked adorable!

Then game time ...

The girls were on fire!  They look great!
Put it this way, they were so pumped that I was still
hearing softball cheers in my head this morning.

2) The ribs were YUMMY. It's true.  I ended up doing them
because Hubber left at 4:45am to get some work done before
Daughter's game.  Poor guy. So I said the night before that I would
season and get them in the oven. This was a first for me.
He didn't object. He must of been very tired. :o)
If you are a frequent reader you know I don't cook often.

Anyhoo ...
They turned out DELISH. I know they weren't lying because
all of the ribs were eaten and nobody got sick! HA!

Here is what I did (nothing was measured):
Preheat oven to 195
Seasoned ribs with rib rub, seasoning salt, garlic salt and pepper.
Topped them off with Sweet baby Ray's BBQ Sauce.
Bake in oven for 4 hours

After softball Hubber finished them on the BBQ with a little more bbq sauce.
(sorry no pic of finished product because we ate them too fast)
They were good and I was proud of myself ... again. {pat pat}

Yep, just waiting for an amateur cooking show to call me. heeee

Now on to that #3 ... humpf! I watched the score of the game the entire
time via my blackberry.  After I saw the dissappointing final score
I got on Facebook to see what smack people were going to talk. ha ha ha
No smack but I did get to see this

So cute already. hee hee hee Boy I sure do hope he
takes after his Auntie. ;o)

All in all we had a great day!