08 October 2010

Little Miss Hairy Legs ...

Oh boy.
Yes, what I am about to admit really did happen.
Yes, I am about to throw myself under the bus.
Yes, I am sure at least 95% of you can relate to what you are about to read.

So here it goes ...

Yesterday I looked cute. My outfit. My hair. My amazing personality.
(just thought I'd throw that last one in there ~ HA!)

Anyhoo ...
My outfit was a light sweater with a belt, a knee-length skirt
and THE cutest wedge boots I have ever owned.

{Do you see where this is going?}

Under those boots I had unshaven legs & little ankle sport socks ... true story.
Hey, I didn't want to be hot ya know.

Let's move on ...

I meet my clients to view homes.  We pull up to this one house -
beautiful new neighborhood, new home & dead grass in front yard.
The dead grass was an eyesore on the street. The house even appeared to be vacant.
Thinking we were going to look at a mess when we walked
in the front door, I was confident we wouldn't have to remove our shoes.

Then the door opens and there we see this immaculately clean,
perfectly decorated home with sparkling carpet.

And then ...

My client: "Would you like us to remove our shoes?"
Home owner: "That would be great."

And so it happens ... boots off and my hairy little legs and sport socks were exposed.
(thank goodness I have blonde hair ~ it could have been worse)

To my defense, I am a busy girl which makes me a tired girl and not
so much a morning person. heee heee

Hmmm ... ya ... I am still giggling about this.

Lesson learned: Shave legs in the winter as if it were summer.
Check!  Will do. Thank you very much.