06 October 2010

What's on your plate? Comfort food!

That's right. Even the uber want to be healthy eaters splurge
from time to time.  I figured since we have had a pleasant
change in the weather here in No. CA comfort food would
be just the topic for this week's What's on your plate?

So here we go ...

When it is chilly outside, I want some chili. Hubber makes
an amazing chili in the slow cooker.
Yum Yum YUMMY!

A few other things I absolutely positively LOVE
are a good cheeseburger ...
Oh my geesh! My mouth is watering. Mmmm
Seriously, when I was prego my mouth would literally water
for a McDs Big Mac. Guess what? I still like them I just
don't indulge too often anymore.
(Hey, I am tucking in my shirts again. Can you blame me? I'm pretty H.O.T!) HA!

And ...
even though I am not a huge sweets/dessert eater I do
enjoy some good ice cream from time to time.
Especially the seasonal flavors ...

What are your favorite comfort foods?