26 October 2010

Party prep is underway ...

This year Daughter is having her birthday party on Halloween.
This is the first time that ::
a) she is having it on Halloween, and
b) we are having the party at our house.

With her softball touneys and Thanksgiving there
really was no other free weekend around her actual birthday
to do it.

She is so excited!

The dealio is this, we are spooktifying our entryway.
We are having a couple games, pizza, cake & icecream.
Then, the 13 little goblins will be trick-or-treating together.
(oh gosh, Daughter will be mortified if she finds out
I called her and her friends little goblins. Not cool for a
5th grader, don't you know!) HA!

I went and bought the party favors yesterday.
Here's a sneak peak - the only one you'll get until after the party ... hee hee
A quick funny about these pumpkins ...
Daughter loves neon green right now which is why I got them all in green.
Last night she gets home and I show her I got her party stuff.
She says, "OH! I call the green one!"
I said, "Sweety, take a look at the pumpkins."
She says, "Oh" and starts laughing.

I love that little munchkin.

Stay tuned for the party post next week!

P.S. I haven't made the stew yet.