11 May 2011

What's on your plate? {a Ma & Pa joint}

(Hmmm ... intersting, my blogger features are missing. Oh well, I'll work with it.)

Anyhoo ... I am skipping [X] today to bring to you one of THE best pizza places in town. It's a little hole in the wall snuggled in a residential area on 35th Avenue and S. Land Park Drive. Seriously, Hubber wanted to turn around because he thought we were going the wrong direction. Luckily we saw the shopping center as we rounded a corner and voila! There sat Brick Oven Pizza.

The pizza was the best I have had to date. They added a generous amount of toppings that were spread evenly and the pizza was cooked perfectly. Daughter even took leftovers for lunch today.

It's such a small place. I was reading an old newspaper article while we were waiting for our dinner, which talked about how the owners decided to expland the dining area. It's intersting to see how small that little place was before then - all counter and kitchen with room for maybe 3 small tables.

They have all of the pizza toppings you can imagine, even scrambled eggs. No, we did not get any eggs. They also have sandwiches so if pizza is not what your craving you'll still be able to get something mouth watering.

Check them out if you can. You won't regret it.