24 May 2011

DIY :: Recipe Board

... correction, the cutest recipe board ever, in my opinion ... 

Last weekend we had no softball. Yes you read that correctly, no softball.  We got lots done around the house, like we always do when there is a free weekend.  Yeeee!

I also thought this would be the perfect weekend to get crafty.  Remember back to January 3rd when I listed some goals for 2011? One of them was making more time for crafts.  I love crafting but have had other priorities lately which meant there was no time for it.  Know what this means?  Yup, I've got lots of ideas and lots of supplies just sitting around screaming my name. [insert dream of owning a sewing machine here] 

Well, on Saturday, I answered.  I have been wanting to make a decorative recipe stand for our kitchen for a while now so I did it!

The supplies I used were: hot glue gun, 8x10 picture frame, wine corks, polka-dotted ribbon and plastic grapes & a leaf.  

I started by laying out my pattern like so ...
Easy breezy, right? Right!

Once the pattern was layed out I hot glued all of the corks in place.
Ya, still simple. (I love this craft!)

After all of the corks were glued down I added the decor I picked
which goes with our kitchen theme.
I love the sparkely polka-dotted ribbon. 
I used ribbon so I could place the recipe through it instead of using a tack.

And ta-da!  The finished product just waiting for a recipe to be added.

Not only do I love the way this came out but I really love that it only took an hour to do from start to finish. Including getting the supplies together.

What do you think?  Want one?