03 January 2011

Ready. Set. Hello 2011!

Happy New Year!

My family and I are looking forward to a wonderful 2011. We will use everything we have learned in 2010 to make us smarter and stronger and happier. Not to say we weren’t all of those things in 2010, it’s just, we believe you can always take what you have been through and what you have learned through life and use that to improve upon yourself.

We are so very thankful for our amazing family and our wonderful friends. One of the things I wanted to make happen in 2010 was to make time, outside, of the holidays to see family. We did that and enjoyed every visit and getting to know our cousins better. Another was making more time for those wonderful friends. As busy as life can be – oh my geesh, we are a busy family – I wanted to make more time for friends. We had a lot of fun get-togethers, BBQs, swim parties, GAME NIGHTS, ski trips and impromptu gatherings. They were all fantastic. This will go on. :o)

I accomplished a few of those ‘I’ll never do that’ in 2010… 1) Entered a beauty pageant. Two actually. Wowzers, what an experience. I learned so much through the process and gained so much confidence in myself. It was definitely worth the time invested. 2) I participated in the 5k Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run. This was by far the hardest form of exercise I have ever done but at the same time it was one of the best too. I strongly encourage anyone who needs a little nudge out of their comfort zone to do an ‘I’ll never do that’. You will feel so good after you do. Trust me, it’s rewarding.

This year marks the start of new things. New self-discipline.
New ideas. New adventures. New inspiration. I am ready!

The things I want will do in 2011 are:
☺Stay connected with family and friends. Like last year.

☺ Keep the momentum … workout at least 5 days a week as a family.
     (we are all on board)

☺ Cook more and like it.

☺ Change my morning routine so I have more time. This means waking up earlier.

☺ Make time to get back to my crafty self. I have a knitting project I want to start and I
     want to do a photo collage on the wall in Daughter’s play room. (Side note :: Need a
     sewing machine)

☺ Mail/deliver all of the past school photos of Daughter to all of our family. I have them
     separated and labeled. Just need to get them out.

☺ Keep blogging. Geesh, I LOVE this. Who would have thought?!?

All of my to-dos are doable. I am ready. I am excited.
Hello 2011!