18 January 2011

Starter week done ... Every day left to go.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Happy back to the grind day! That is if you had MLK day off yesterday.

I did for the most part.  Just had an easy breezy listing appointment
with a nice couple. It's a short sale and really the best thing for them to do.
Beautiful house. Excellent El Dorado Hills neighborhood. Available Feb. 1st.(contact me with ?s)

Anyhoo ...
As posted last Thursday I have incoporated the Dr. Oz 7 minute stretches
into my mornings.  Week 1 complete and I'm looking forward to every
morning forever and ever. Ahhh what a feeling!

After my 7 (sometimes 10) minute stretches I feel:
  • Energized
  • Motivated
  • Ready to tackle the day
  • I've got my 'Bring it!' attitude
  • like I can do anything
  • I can't wait until tomorrow morning
Yep, I'd say I've had a successful week 1.  Have you tried this yet? If so,
please share.

PS, started knitting project #1 for 2011. Can't say what it is just yet
because it's for my mom and she just might be reading this. ;o) Stay tuned