11 January 2011

do you reuse?

I love LOVE love reusable shopping bags.
They are lite weight and so convenient and not to mention
they can be a little trendy these days.

This one (below)
is my favorite so far.
Thank you Santa {wink wink}
That's right, Santa sister-in-law has a great eye for the cute stuff.

This little diddy makes me want to go to the grocery store ASAP.
But sadly I must wait until the weekend. humpf!

Sheesh, check out it's cuteness (below)
Yep, she folds up all small and pretty and fits nicely in my purse.
Genious idea! (in my opinion)

Not all of my bags are as cute as this but that's ok.

Do you have reusable shopping bags?

PS, I had an amazing workout last night ... a little over an hour's worth.
Then this morning I did a 7 minute routine that I heard about yesterday.
WOW! It made a difference this morning. I'll post more about that on Thursday.

Good night.