04 January 2011

a shivery paradise

Hello Lake Tahoe.

This New Year's we were invited to stay in Tahoe for the holiday
with some very good friends.  They are like family really.

Us, being the snow fanatics that we are, jumped on this opportunity.
And, well, we absolutely love the Thompsons.  Our little ones
have been buddies since they were 2 years old. Pretty neat huh. (we sure think so)
3 nights in Tahoe with amazing friends, our skis and good food = GREAT TIMES.
The place we stayed was nice and cozy and it had a kitchen.  YAY! $ saver right there.

We only ate out once and
that was Thursday night when we got there.  We ate at Wolfgang Puck's pizza place
in the Heavenly Village.  It's a pay at the counter and pick up your food when
your buzzer goes off kind of place.  It was inexpensive.
No server so no tip required.  The food was really good. I'd eat there again.

On Friday we had a little mishap with our car which required
it to be on the shop for the day.  While our auto was being worked on
the Dads took the little ones skiing and Misun, Bree and I went on a walk.
Some of the things we saw were:

the cutest little house ever

 fascinating icecycles.  I love how they are perfect, like a decoration.
Mother Nature can be pretty impressive.

A view of the valley. I think that might be Gardnerville.
My friend Amber should have raced to her roof top to wave at me. :o) 

Later that night we were going to head to the strip for the family celebrations
but we were all exhausted by the time dinner was done.
So, we rang in the New Year right along with the East Coasters.
Cheers to you East Coast and thank you for the time difference.
We were all asleep by 10. Yes we were. 

Saturday we all went skiing at Diamond Peak, our fixed auto and all. :o)
I recommend this place if you have beginner to intermediate skiers.
The staff is incredible and the prices are very reasonable.
Probably the cheapest place we have been to actually.
Check them out here to see for yourself.

(Daddy & Daughter on the lift)

(Buddies enjoying hot coco before heading back down to the bottom)

(I'm impressed with how well they did)

Views on our way back to our place after a day of skiing.
The snow stopped and the sun tried to come out. 

We topped off the night with a trip to the arcade and a stop at Cold Stone.

Sunday we got up and were heading home early enough to miss
the traffic.  Yess you are reading this right ... no traffic on the
last day of a Holiday weekend. Woot!

Monday was back to work and school. Oh and back to the repair shop for our auto.
Apparently the freeze also broker the water pump. Humpf!
We were a little upset, bummed, stressed at the cost of repairs but
oh well, it could have been worse. 
We made it home safe and that's all that matters.

If you don't ski or snowboard I suggest you give it a try.  It's fun! Trust me.

Resolution update: Last night I went 1.5 miles in 32 minutes on resistance 5
on the elliptical.  This morning I got up 30 minutes early and
was able to do push ups and stretches.  WAHOOZIE!