21 January 2011

Be My Guest! Blogging with Lizzy

Hello Peeps!

As I mentioned before I am setting up a new blog site. I am so very excited about this project.  With the new blog comes new stuff - YAY!  (who doesn't like stuff?) One of which I want to start a wee bit early because I am just so geesh darn excited about it! hee hee hee Like now! Ok, so here we go ...

Lizzy is looking for guest bloggers! That's right peeps, I want to hear from you and I want you to be heard ... he hem ... read.  So pull up a chair, get cozy and scribble down what you want your post to be about.  Write it up and send it to me via email (lizzylep@gmail.com). Include photos, links, etc. Once I get your article I will send you back a few questions - YAY for Q & As! :O) Once we have the full article then I'll post it. Woot! It's as easy as that. So let's get started!

~ Do you create, craft, sew, saw, clean, clean green, garden, cook, raise farm animals, always recycle, only eat/drink organic, etc?

~ Are you a busy mom, a not so busy mom, always working, finding ways to save money, a creative shopper, a photographer, a scary driver ->this is not me :o), trying something new, etc?

~ Do you have a hobby that you love and when you tell people your hobby they say, "YOOOU {dot dot dot}?" Like for me, I knit and I love to knit. When I tell people I knit they say, "YOOOU knit?!" 

You get what I am getting at right? So, I am looking for you. Nothing elaborate so don't stress. This should be a fun way for you to share what you do; what your passion is.  Who knows, there may be someone out there who doesn't know how to do or start something.  For example: start a garden but really wants to do it {me! me! me!}.  Reading your guest blog could help them out.

weeeeeee ... I'm excited and I hope you are too!