24 January 2011

a couple tid bits

Hello Monday! Even though you came a little too quickly I am still thankful my peepers opened yet another day.  I am healthy.  We are healthy. 

Speaking of healthy, how do you keep the sickies away? I am not a huge fan of medicine mostly because I don't like how it makes me feel so tired, even the daytime stuff.  I will go to the doctor and take medicine as an absolute last resort.  My daily sicky blocker is green tea.  I swear by the stuff.  Seriously, I drink at least 2 cups a day at work whether I am feeling yucky or not.  In the winter I drink it warm. In the summer I drink it cold.  If I have a sweet tooth I'll add a splenda.  Mmm ... drinking a cup right now actually.  

I have made it through Hubber being sick twice and multiple co-workers, whom I have contact with every day, passing the germs around this winter season.  Aside from my scratchy throat in the morning I am feeling great!  See, this is why I swear by the stuff.

On to the next: Once a month we have game night with 3 other couples.  We take turns hosting and this month we were the hosts.  You know what this means? I cleaned my house so good. It's so sparkly. Ahhh, I love a sparkling clean home.  While I was cleaning I had the t.v. on (of course). I like to clean with background noise.  On this day I was looking for something to listen too/watch and I came across Pit Bulls & Parolees on Animal Planet, it was a marathon. WOW! That lady, Tia, is an amazing being.  She rescues pit bulls and hires parolees.  What is your initial thought when you hear that combo? I can bet yours is the same as mine was, then I watched the show and now I'm hooked.  Yes, one more show added to the DVR - dang it! Check out her web site here.  You'll be impressed.

Lastly: Sunday I stayed home from practice to do laundry. I am glad I did because I put a big dent in our rapidly growing pile.  I am wondering how 3 people dirty so many clothes so fast??!?  Anyhoo, just a few more loads then I will be done - until the next day. HA! Oh and I have to put the clean clothes away that are still in our suitcase from our New Year's trip to Tahoe. Whoops ... did I just type that?  Geesh darn it.

I hope you all had a productive weekend too. Tootles