31 January 2011

Buh-bye January ... You came and went oh so fast!

WWHHOOAA! Where oh where did January go?
Seriously people, I blinked and it's the 31st?!!??

So much done this month and still 11 more to go ... weeeeee!!!

In this month we ~ celebrated the New Year on the slopes in Tahoe with amazing friends. Went to work and school every day with no sicknesses - WOOT! Hosted a fantastic game night :: Loaded Questions - Play it! Survived 5 days/nights of softball per week - Hubber loves being head coach.  Started and completed our first team fundraiser - Tamales. 205 dozen tamales sold to be exact - HOLLA! Thanks Team!  Added another listing to my belt - Who has a real estate question?  Wished some great pals a Happy Birthday.  Found and purchased a couple vintage items - boy oh boy this is exciting! Started my first knitting project of 2011. It's for my mom and she's going to love them.  And finally, we attended the Pig Bowl, tail gate and everything. It was a great time!  This was a great month.

Now let's see what February has for us.