13 January 2011

convo with Dr. Oz

Not really but I was listening to him talk on Ryan Seacrest the other day
and I was intrigued.

Dr. Oz said a couple things that caught my attention.

They were:
1) You must get 7 1/2 hours of sleep a night (ahh to dream) in order for you to build
muscle properly during workouts.  He said if you only get 6 hours you should
take a 20 minute nap during the day. {still dreaming}
Sure ... I think I can do this if 3 hours can be added to each day. :o)
Please and thank you.

2) Dr. Oz does 7 minutes of yoga stretches each morning.
(yoga simultaneously stretches and builds muscles)
He said he also throws in a couple push-ups and sit-ups.
Seems manageable. I did it the next morning 
(on the heels of an amazing workout)
and I felt great. I am going to start doing this every morning.
(3 mornings in ... FYI)

I am really, really, really trying to work on the 7 1/2 hours of sleep.

After listening to these couple of things I went out to his web site.
Oh my wowzers, I am in LOVE with his site. Oh! and he has a show.
Ah heck, one more on the dvr won't hurt. Right?

Give the 7 minute morning workout a try and let me know the following
after the first 2 weeks of doing it consistently:
  • Do you find it easier to wake up and get out of bed each morning?
  • How do you feel after your 7 minutes each day?
  • Are you motivated to eat healthier?
Good luck!