25 April 2011

Buh-bye Stay-cation, we'll miss you!

A bunch of randomness ...

Oh boy, I actually decided to take 3 days off and I LOVED it.  We had so much that needed to be done around the house but no time to do it, with our hectic softball schedule and all.  Sooo, I decided to take the time off during Daughter's Spring break. Ahhh

I spent two days just on the yards.  I trimmed, pulled, picked, swept, dumped, re-arranged and got the best darn clean-up workout ever. Phew. Our yards looks awesome. {pat pat}

Little Jeter got pooped out. He wasn't used to getting that much exercise during the day.  He's such a cutie. 

Daughter had a friend sleep over one night. Guess what they wanted for breakfast? Blueberry muffins and bacon. Yup!

I got a few loads of laundry done during the week then Hubber and I did a ton yesterday. Thank goodness! Oh and thank you Lynne & Flossie for all of those hangers. YES! Came in very handy once the laundry started getting done. 

[daughter and her blueberry muffin & bacon buddy, Shayla]

We went on multiple bike rides.  For one of them Daughter and I decided, on a whim, that we would try to find the way the Walther's house.  They recently moved closer and we only had to cross one major street.  My blackberry gps wasn't cooperating so we just kept riding in the right direction.  And wa la! 30 minutes later we were at their house.  It was fun.

Saturday, one of our softball coaches invited our team to the UC Davis vs. Cal Fullerton softball game.  Thanks Coach Andy! The girls had a lot of fun and it's good for them to watch the older girls play. 

We watched college softball on t.v. Have you watched before? It's amazing to me how fast these players are.

Finally, on Easter we were able to clean the inside of the house. whoa!  The 3 of us spent about 6 ours doing laundry, vacuming, sorting, straightening up, and then finally preparing dinner for my mom.

I feel so energized.  Guess what?! I feel like trimming another plant. Hmmm, wonder if I missed one?  I'll keep you posted.