01 April 2011

flashback friday {a year + ago}

I can't believe that Daughter first slipped on a softball glove August 2009.  She played 8U winterball with the Elk Grove Stingers and boy were we lucky she got on that team.  They were awesome coaches and are amazing friends to this day.  Coach Deidra and Coach Jeff patiently worked with Kylee each week and each week we could see her getting more and more comfortable.  They are also the ones who referred us to All American Softball School. WOOT!

The Stingers Stayed 8U for Spring 2010 so in April she joined the 10U Lady Giants.   
[I LOVE this picture]

We met some great parents and had fun that season. 

Then Winterball 2010 she joing the 10U Rebels.  Again, we got lucky with this team.  We were very thankful that Coach Mike gave Daughter a lot of time catching which developed her so much and helped to prepare her for where she is today:

              A starting catcher on the Mizuno All American 00 ASA competitive team.

I am partial to the head coach since it's Hubber.  :0)  We really enjoy this team; the kids and the parents are so much fun and the talent blows my socks off!

Welp, I've got to run.  After work we need to get things ready for our tournament this weekend.  Wish us luck!