08 April 2011

flashback friday {the economy} EEK!

Remember when ...
the real estate market was booming?
businesses were thriving?
we were eating out more then eating in?
we were spending without worry?
we could travel with no stress?
it was so easy to save?
there was a cute shop on almost every corner?

Ya, I remember too. Boy those were the good ol' days huh?.

The real estate market is not as hot as it was.  Homeowners are losing their homes.  Bank foreclosures and short sales are the majority of the market.  Agents are working harder and hopefully learning more. ;o) I have done more short sale business then I have 'regular' sales.  Not a bad thing and I am pretty excellent at it.  Any questions?

We are seeing more vacant buildings and empty store fronts then ever. It's so sad to see so many people's dreams be shattered by the bad economy. I've been there.

We are eating in more than we are eating out.  It's actually not bad, we eat healthier and are saving a ton of mula.  It seems like the only two restaurants in town that have a wait at dinner time are BJs and Mikuni. Both are great by the way.

We are smart spenders now. A thought and a purpose goes behind every spending decision, behind every item bought.  Shop smart is what I like to call it.  Daughter is in on this path too. I am so proud of how mature she is when it comes to her own money.

Picking up and going spur of the moment is not an option.  We have to plan our trips and save for them.  This is a good thing.

Saving isn't as easy as it used to be but it is possible.  We have made life changes which have been hidden blessings.  Seriously. 

I can't say that the past few years have been easy but I can't say that's been a bad thing either.  We have learned so much and do so many things differently now that sometimes I sit back and think, 'now why didn't I do this or that before'.  Every thing happens for a reason.  Sometimes it just takes a while to find out what that reason is.  Our lives have come full circle and we couldn't be happier with where we are today.  I am proud of us. :O)

Have a wonderful weekend!