19 April 2011

A Pageant * A Cute Cafe * A Tounament (the weekend)

This past weekend was a busy one for sure but it was a fun busy.  You know the kind right?

It all started on Friday. I was so excited and appreciative when my friend Jennifer asked me if I wanted to be one of their judges for the Sierra Cities pageant.  Of course I jumped on the oppotunity - duh. 

Friday was the interview portion then Saturday was the stage competition.  The categories were Little Miss, Young Miss, Junior Miss and Mrs. Sierra Cities.  I'd say the Little Miss was the hardest to judge.  They were all so adorable, how could I choose just one?!

My favorite thing about this pageant system is they require the contestants to have a platform - a community service project.  This is a wonderful way to get the girls out in their communities.  I was impressed by the platforms of all of the girls. 

I had the best time and all of the girls/ladies did fantastic.  I can't wait for the next event!

While I was in Loomis for the pageant I decided to walk around during our break looking for a little place to grab lunch. 

I saw a sign that in part read, 'gourmet hotdogs'. Umm OK! I am a sucker for some foods and good hotdogs are one of them.  I know, sounds weird but it's true. 

Just look at how cute this place is.  And their name? It's G'Day Donuts Dogs & More.  How cute is that? They are a little Ma & Pa type of place nestled at the end of Horseshoe Bar Road.   Their dogs have cute names like Deputy Dog and Snoopy Dog.  I got the Scooby Doo Dog. A foot long with chili, onions & cheese.  I left some of the bun and cheese behind. ;0)  I definitely recommend trying them out - their hotdogs are yum-o-licious!

Sunday I went to Daughter's softball tourney.  The team did great on Saturday and were seeded #1 for Sunday.  But, we got beat and beat by a team that hadn't won a game all weekend. Oh well, that happens.  :o) The positive was that team beating us probably made their day. You should have heard them cheering-it was sweet. Another good thing is we got home early and cleaned around the pool a little.

Well I am off to plan my projects while on my stay-cation, which by the way, started 2 hours ago.  Have a great night!