11 April 2011

{recap} WHOA! Where did the weekend go?

Another week down. Another week closer to Christmas. Another weekend of softball.  All whizzed right on by.  I feel like yesterday was Friday. Oh Friday, please come back. No? Ok, well, on with it then ...

Let's begin with Friday, shall we?  My amazingly cute clients, Tony and Lydia, got the keys to their very first home ... ahhh.  Thank goodness too because Friday was the day they had to leave their apartment. Phew!  I got a text and a facebook wall message from Lydia over the weekend (she is adorable) telling me that they LOVE their new home.  I am beyond happy for them. Now they have enough room for babies! hint ... hint 

Saturday was the beginning of another softball tournament.  This one was local - DF Complex in North Highlands.  I like it there.  Anyhoo ... we got the pleasure of having our niece Mak join us all day on Saturday.  She did so good and was such a little trooper.  Not one complaint came out of her little mouth not even when
she was freezing.  Luckily, I am generally a cold person so I had enough stuff to keep her warm.  I think she enjoyed watching her cousin play softball.

Aren't they cutie pies?! 
Little Mak was so good in fact that we missed the freeway interchange to go to her house. HA HA HA so we had to turn around.  She can hang with us anytime she wants!

Also on Saturday, our Mizuno girls played 3 games - 2 wins and 1 loss.  Our loss was a good game all the way to the last inning ~ final score 1-0.  Talk about a nail biter!  The good thing is that loss was on Saturday and not on Sunday.

Sunday is always the elimination day - you lose, you go home so we don't want to lose on Sunday.  Due to how well the girls played on Saturday we had a bye first round and got to sleep in a little. YAY!  Our first game was at 11:30 and we played the CA Breeze. They are a really good team and sheesh, those girls can hit the ball!  No biggie though, we beat them ~ final score

The next game was the championship game and we were playing the Meyham from Manteca. They are also a really good team and the team we lost to on Saturday.

coin toss

This game was kind of stressfull. We wanted to win for 2 reasons; 1) The team beat us Saturday and we wanted redemption and 2) It was the championship game.  The score was pretty even until we got close to the end of the game, then we had a big inning. Lots of big hits + good plays + fast base running = runs scored and enough of them to give us a cushion. We needed the cushion because the Meyham had the last at-bats.  (sorry if anything sounds funny. I am getting used to the proper softball verbiage.)   

I don't know why I was worried. With our defense it would be hard for the other team to come back and score 7 runs in one inning, but then again, anything is possible. Just not possible yesterday. :o)


Daughter grabbed this button on our way out of the park yesterday. I think it pretty much states how our girls played the entire weekend.

Until next time!