18 April 2011

Jeter's Feature {episode 2}

And we're back! Little Jeter is growing fast. Luckily he will stay pretty small but he is visably bigger then he used to be. {weep weep}  He's still pretty darn cute, don't ya think?

Just look at that widdle face. I wish he could come to work with me. :o) Since he is still a pup and hasn't had all of his shots he can't go to many softball tournaments with us so the poor little guy has to stay locked in his pin all day long sometimes. 

Jeter is making progress daily it seems like.  He is going to the door more often when he has to potty and he bounces around after he has gone potty outside like he knows he has done something great.  He is losing some puppy teeth (thank you!) and he can now jump on the couch.  Yes that's right, jump on the geesh darn couch.  The little rascal is stealing articles of clothing and running as quickly as he can from me when I try to get them from him. Stinker!  He finds the dishwasher pretty amazing too but I think he is trying to figure out why there are no leftovers on the dishes.  HA HA HA

He loves exploring the backyard.  Jeter has definitely seen every inch of it too.  He is going to be really excited when I take my little stay-cation. We have big plans of weeding & cleaning the backyard getting it ready for lots of outdoor fun so we will be outside A LOT. 

I've got to run now. It's almost time for Jeter's appointment #2.