04 April 2011

Weekend recap - All softball

No seriously, that is what the weekend consisted of ... just softball.  It's cool because we really enjoy the game.

This weekend we were in Tracy, CA playing in the NSA Tracy Invitational.  Our Mizuno All American 00 girls played 5 great games this weekend and oh boy, they sure did play their booties off.  They won 4 and lost 1. The good thing is they won the 1 that mattered most - the championship game. 

Bottom center is our little bat boy.  He's the cutest little bat boy.

We saw some great plays this weekend along with great improvements from the girls.  One of our players even did a head first slide into 1st base in an attempt to beat the throw.  She got out but it was still fantastic to see her react that way.  Watching the games is so exciting because these 10 year olds are so talented.  It really is jaw-dropping.

I think we may be getting a little addicted to the sport. As if 3 games an hour out of town on Saturday were not enough we went to watch our good friends play in their last game. We didn't get home until after 9pm.  Then Sunday we stopped on our way home to watch the championship game at another tournament that was going on and didn't get home until after dinner time. Phew! I'm sleepy today.  :o) It was all worth it though.

Pupdate: Little Jeter was not a happy puppy about being locked up all day long, both days this weekend. More on this tomorrow with cute pics. :O)

Shout out: I want to thank my mom for raising me to have common sense and decency for others.  I witnessed a ridiculously selfish act this weekend.  The sad thing is the behavior was not shocking.

Remember to check back tomorrow for the Jeter feature. See ya!  :o)