27 September 2010

Another week down? Check!

Oh yes! I am a countdown{er} person.
ESPECIALLY when it comes to Christmas time. Weeeeee
Here we go ...
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Another week down. Another to-do list completed. Another week started.
All weeks are happy ones this time of year.
Well at least I hope they all will be.
-minus the 100 degree days that came creeping in HUMPF!-
I like Summer but geesh dang when the Fall cool down starts
I want it to stay around for awile.

We kind of have a busy week ahead of us but that's ok.
We love LOVE love what we do and how we do it. :o)

This weeks to-do list
1) clean house - a section at a time. (this will go on all week)
2) exercise (this will go on all week)
3) work (this will go on all week, if I'm lucky) HA!
4) 5th grade homework (this will go on all week)
5) dentist
6) daughter catcher lessons (two days)
7) softball practice (two other days)
8) evening meetings
9) softball double-header
10) sports fundraiser dinner
11) volunteer shift

Phew! Not to bad this week. Good thing I am organized!

I am really excited to start Christmas shopping but I think
I'll wait until after this softball season ends.

Yep! That's my plan ... for now.