14 September 2010

That's a wrap! {phew}

That's it folks. 
I went out on that limb that, at one time I thought was going to
snap, and I did it. I strutted my stuff in front of hundreds & hundreds
of people in an attempt to be Mrs. CA International.

Well I didn't win or place in the royal court BUT I did succeed.
I did something I thought I would never in a million years do.
I learned so much about myself and
you know what? I am so proud of me. pat ... pat

I had an absolute blast and I met some amazing people that I know
I will stay in touch with.  I also discovered that the perception
I had about pageants, and the people, was way off base.
As a matter a fact I want to get involved in the
behind the scenes stuff ... like ASAP.
Will I ever compete again? Hmmm maybe.  If I do I will
spend a lot more time prepping for the big day, that's for sure.

In the end I learned that I could do an amazing job
applying my own make-up and doing my own hair (who cares
it took 2 hours to get ready each day); master false eyelash application;
strut on a runway, which looked small when I first saw it (tiny actually);
change outfits backstage in record speed;
last all day {and night} in heels - literally;
learn a dance routine to Glam by Christina Aguilera-true story;
perform that dance routine in front of hundreds & hundreds;
meet fantabulous, empowering ladies;
have a phenomenal time doing something that I thought I would never do.
Ahhh... I feel great. Confident. Loved.

Speaking of loved ...
I love this man with all of my heart.
I am so glad Hubber was there to share this experience with me.
From helping me get ready in the mornings, to running out for a
pair of shoes, to having lunch in the room for me when I returned for break, 
to texting me how I did immediately, to tucking me in each night.

He is more than I could have ever expected. He is my best friend.

Tip: try stepping out of your box no matter what you think people
might think or say.  I did and I am so thrilled that I did.

Until tomorrow ...