22 September 2010

It's What's on your plate? Wednesday!

That's right, artichokes! Mmmm ... goodness I can't wait to eat one of these tonight
with yum yum steak Hubber is going to bbq.

How do you cook yours? I have heard of bbqing, boiling & steaming.
I found steaming to be the easiest for me.
I put a few inches of water in the pot, put the lid on and
let them steam for about 45 minutes.
(time varies with size)

What do you dip your chokes in?
I grew up dipping in mayo. Yep I did and I thought there was nothing better.
Then Hubber indroduced me to melted garlic butter 17 years ago
and I haven't looked back. True story. All 3 of us dip in melted garlic butter
and it is delicious!


Until tomorrow ...