20 September 2010

Time to fire-up the DVR ...

Ohhh boy! It's that time of year again.
You know, the time when there are so many shows on
you aren't sure what to watch and what to record.
We are so busy we will be using any available DVR in our house
to be sure to capture all of the goodness that is coming up this
fall season.  WAHOOOZIE!

Here we go ...

The Event (9PM, NBC) new show ~ previews are intriguing.
Mike & Molly (9:30 CBS) new show ~ looks cute with a funny flare.
Castle (10:00 ABC) ~ WOOT! A fave!
Hawaii Five-O (10:00 CBS) new show ~ Hubber wants to check it out. Looks good.

The Biggest Loser (8:00 NBC) ~ Geesh! Inspiring!
GLEE (8:00 FOX) ~ Can't get enough - hello!
***There are some new shows on this night also.
Hmmm we will have to see if any make the DVR V.I.P. list. :o)

Survivor (7:00 CBS) ~ I am a faithful viewer.
Cougar Town (9:30 ABC) ~ ummm hilarious!
Modern Family (9:00 ABC) ~ same as above.
Top Chef DC Reunion Show (9:00 Bravo) ~ I am the only one in my house
who likes this one.  It's one I workout too.

The Big Bang Theory (8:00 CBS) ~ Fantabulous!
Grey's Anatomy (9:00 ABC) ~ how many times will I cry this season?
Private Practice (10 ABC) ~ YAY!

The Amazing Race (8:30 CBS) ~ THE best reality show ... in my opinion.
Desparate Housewives (9:00 ABC) ~ I love all of the characters ... true story.
Brothers and Sisters (10:00 ABC) ~ hmmm what's in store this season?
Undercover Boss (10:00 CBS) ~ LOVE this but sometimes wonder if the boss' are
really getting away with hiding their identity??

Let's not forget the football, college and the NFL
and the other reality shows that are coming up.
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yikes! I might be hooked.

Enjoy your t.v.!