29 September 2010

What's on your plate? ~child snacks edition~

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As we get busier in our lives with all of our
kids' school, homework, sports, activities, play dates, etc it's easy to grab and go
when it comes to putting snacks together.
I know I have been guilty of this a few times. shhh ...

So as a frustrated momma of one I did a little web searching
for snack ideas.  I came across this site that has great ideas.
The bonus is they are easy enough for the kids to help out with. WOOT!
Check it out here.

One thing I spotted immediately was a top ten countdown of healthy snacks.
They are:

10) 100% juice popsicles (perfect during this little Fall heat wave)
9) Fruit sandwiches (intrigued .. keep typing) - slices of apples or pears with a filling of low fat cheese. SOLD!
8) Fresh fruit with a dab of peanut butter (does not apply to those with nut allergies)
7) Fresh fruit dipped in low fat yogurt (a fave of mine)
6) Smoothies made with fruit (mother-in-law makes some good ones)
5) Canned fruit or single serve fruit cups (check out the label. You wouldn't want to accidentally get the ones with syrup)
4) Fresh fruit dipped in applesauce
3) Dried fruits such as raisins, blueberries, apricots, apple slices (tip: this snack travels well)
2) Fresh fruit dipped in salad dressings (portion control with the dressing is important)
1) Frozen fruit chunks - any fruit (had this recently - party in my mouth)

I also saw this strawberry shortcake fruit pizza recipe.
Looks fun and another fantabulous idea.

Have fun!