01 September 2010

What's on your plate? Snacks!

noun \ˈsnak\

Definition of SNACK
: a light meal : food eaten between regular meals; also : food suitable for snacking

Examples of SNACK
1. He had a snack of chips and dip.
2. I didn't have time for lunch so I just grabbed a quick snack.
3. peanuts, potato chips, and other snack foods

Origin of SNACK
Middle English snak bite, from snaken to bite, perhaps from Middle Dutch snacken to snap at — more at snatch

First Known Use: 1757
Some days I am a total snacker and some days I am not.
It's weird to me how I can be starving one week
and not so much the very next week.

When I am in snack mode I keep it mostly healthy.
(1 serving of Triscuits; cherry tomatoes; bran muffin)
This is my snack today.  Although I am not very hungry so I will save
these little goodies for tomorrow.

As a matter of fact we don't have very much junk in our house.
Daughter still has over more than half of her Halloween loot left
from last year.  We don't tell her she can't have it, she just rarely
eats it.  We are very lucky. Yes, I am aware I have said this before
and most likely I'll say it again. ;O)

When I pack her lunch snacks I do exact servings as noted on the packages.
It helps and she has started to read labels too. Even when we are shopping.
Flashback: I remember when she first starting reading labels.
Thanks to her Grandma Lynne
for teaching her about protein.  Kids need to know this stuff.
She used to say 'gallons' when she saw
the 'g' next to protein. "Mom! This has 3 gallons of protein!"
Ahh sooo cute.

Snack healthy.  Until tomorrow ...