31 August 2010

Football fun with Hubber ...

FREE tickets to a live football game?
Sure! Even if it is a Raider home game.
ha ha ha Seriously though folks, these games are not as scary
as people make them out to be.  Now if you sit in, or close too,
the infamous Black Hole {ooooo} then yes, you may see some crazy stuff.
But otherwise, it's not so bad.  We have taken Daughter to a few games too.

My in-laws are season ticket holders. Their seats are great and the people
around them are really nice. 
{Proof} I am a 49er fan and went to the game on Saturday wearing
a 49er jersey. It was so fun. And ya, I'm somewhat of a rebel. :o)
They are also part of a group called the Sacramento Raider Rooters.
This group charters buses to the home games and they organize an away game each
year.  Last year we went to New York with them and had a blast!
You can read about that trip here ... there are a few posts since I blogged by the day.
With the bus ride comes an amazing tailgate with food,
raffle prizes and lots of fun!

Here are a few pics from game day ...
(I really like the cotton candy man picture)

Such a great group of people even if you are rooting for the other team.
We had such a great time that we are taking Daughter to the Miami game.
Yep! She loves going and was a little upset that we didn't take her to this one.

I hope you show your team love this season no matter where you watch the game.

Until tomorrow ...