27 August 2010

Just Jar It ...

Mason Jars
Fresh Garden Veggies
and I am not sure what else.

My in-laws have a hobby.  They love to garden.
Their garden is the envy of lots. They even make their own compost.
True story.  They are the ones we get lots of veggies from.
Woot! Woot!

The kids are all moved out so each night they can go outside and garden.
They always have fresh stuff and are trying new things.

Father-n-law started jarring (is that what it is called) the veggies.
He has made pickled asparagus, relish, pickles, pickled peppers.
All kinds of stuff.  The peppers are a big hit {I have talked about this before}.
I think he should start a business but he won't. 
I guess making jarring his job might take the fun out of it.

Anyhoo ... I was over there the other night to get some
football game tickets and some veggies - OF COURSE.
I look over and spot these ...
and these ...

Pickles and relish and who knows what is in the back of the rows.
Yep! He's at it again. That busy little bee.

I want to learn how to do something with mason jars other than
drink out of them.  Hmmm ... One day I will have him teach me his secrets.

Have a great weekend my fantabulous bloggy family.

Until Monday ...