06 August 2010

Fun Facts for Friday ~ About ME

HI! and Happy Friday!

I thought today would be fun to share some facts
about me & what I like.
Please won't you sit & read a while?
Thank you.

When I started blogging less then a year ago
I wondered how long I would keep it up and if I would
really enjoy doing it.
And OH MY GEESH! I have fallen in bloggy love.
I can't get enough.
I love how the fantabulous blogs I follow
give me inspiration to do what
I have been wanting to do. I have So many ideas.
And I really love how people tell me I have
inspired them.

You will see that I am fun, funny, inspiring,
creative and some what of a goofball at times, among
lots of other things. 
You will just have to keep visiting to see for yourself.

So here we go:
Fact #1
I have been exploring ways to get my blog seen. 
Sending it everywhere.  Taking some risks. (stay tuned)
So  you can imagine how excited I was to see Blog '10 on Gussy's blog.
(You should check it out!)

Fact #2
I use lizisms a lot.  Kind of like the word lizism.
ie: oh my geesh! Fantabulous! Wholey wowzies! Funtastic!
and so on.  You'll catch on very quickly I'm sure.
Please note, I do this on purpose. I am not a ding dong.

Fact #3
I just adore my family.  More then words can express.
I especially like watching Hubber & Daughter together.
Ahh ... aren't they sweet? I sure think so.

Fact #4
I do not cook.  Well I am sure I can, I just don't
get excited about it.  My Hubber is amazing with
food and he enjoys it.  Personally, I would
rather wash the dishes.  We work well together in the
kitchen as you can tell. :o)

Fact #5
I think veggies are one of the best things
next to car air conditioning.
We have family & friends who garden and
they share their loot. Lot's of loot.
They have inspired us to build raised beds
for our very own garden next Spring. Can't wait!
Yesterday mother-in-law brought
us approximately 10 squash (variety;
10 cucumbers; 15 tomatoes & 20ish nectarines and that was just
a small portion. YUMMERS!

Check out these zebra tomatoes.
YES! They are ripe and ready.

Fact #6
I have a blast playing with photo editors.
Seriously. I am slightly obsessed.
I always have my Blackberry and sometimes
the camera.  I will take pictures of just about
anything.  You'll see.

 Daughter & I

Ok ... ok I will let you go now. I will post more facts
next Friday so please come back if you wish.

P.S. We are off to So Cal tonight!
LA Galaxy game at the Rose Bowl tomorrow
and Mrs. California pageant orientation
on Sunday. 

Enjoy your weekend!  Until Monday ...