17 August 2010

It's just the simple things ... today

I find that often it takes just the simplest things to make me smile.

I am greatful for everything and appreciate all of the fantabulous little things.

For example, I got this adorable headband in the mail yesterday
Don't you agree that it's adorable? Well it cost a little more then
I would normally spend on such headband but I thought why not?
It's, well, adorable and it will make me feel girly.  I definitely smiled when I opened the box.
Then daughter tried it on, smiled a huge heart-warming smile
as she turned and looked at me
So my headband became her headband too just because.

And ...

My morning lattes have become a big piece of my heart.  Seriously, if you
could only see how tired I have been lately.  Lots of stuff going and I am loving it.
In an effort to save some mula I occasionally will make my latte at home
and put it in this pretty blue cup.
I love the cup and my lattes that get stored in it.
I am a pretty good homemade latte maker.
Watch out all you baristas! ;o)

Like I said, some most days it's just the simplest things that make me smile.

Until tomorrow ...