12 August 2010

Getting in touch with my bathroom ...

That sounds funny huh? Getting in touch with my bathroom.
If you sit and think about it, what does it mean to you?

To me it screams,
Just a little though.  I have been wanting the
little tree things that look like a ball on a stick with some leaves
(this is how I described topiaries before
I knew what they were called)
for a while now.  I finally got into Michael's and picked some up.
As I was leaving the isle I saw the clip on flowers for only a $1!
With my quick imagination and my yearn to be a decorator (not really)
I instantly thought,
"how cute would those flowers be on my ball stick trees?
Pretty darn cute. In my opinion."

Purchase. Done.

I bought 3 - 1)there are 3 of us in the family &
2) things look better in odd numbers.
(Kim told me this years ago at a candle party)

Daughter placed the flowers. Pretty darn cute.
In my opinion

I want to get some twig topiaries with flowers for the fireplace mantel next.
I am imagining them looking very cute with a candle arrangement.

I see more decorating as fall arrives ~ YAY!

Have a great day.  Until tomorrow ...