04 August 2010

It's Wednesday! What's on your plate?

Hey Hey Hey ... New feature alert!

What's on your plate? is one of my faves
because I get to show you how & what we eat in our house.
I am sure there will be some restaurants featured eventually
as well as guest bloggers too.

So let's get to it! Shall we?

It's no secret that I love LOVE love
veggies.  Especially the ones that come
from the gardens of friends & family.
summer squash (mother-in-law)
& tomatoes (friend Mary)

I scrambled these yum yums into my eggs.
Added some ground black pepper and
garlic salt and that's it! They were so good
and filling too.

To me Summer time is a good time
to have refreshing salads.
I love salads! Especially salads with leftover
rotisserie chicked added in. mmm
cucumber (friend Deidra)

This mixture of veggies and chicken paired
with red wine garlic vinegarette Safeway
brand Eating Right dressing = pure
goodness in my tummy.

Our daughter has really embraced our
healthy lifestyle. Much easier then I thought she would.
She is a very good girl but she is also a kid.
I must say she has liked fruits and veggies
right out of the gate. Or should I say
right our of the belly?
We have been lucky with her in that respect.
Our challenge was getting her to try seafood and meats.
Once she did she loved almost everything!
Again, we are very lucky.

You can imagine my excitement the other night
when we asked her what she wanted for dinner and
she responded with, "fish".
Ok! Fish it was. Halibut steaks to be exact.

Paired with rice pilaf and green beans.
Such a light dinner.  Perfect for a hot summer night.

As for snacking ... I really don't do too much of it.
I have at least two cups of green tea a day so I think
that helps suppress my appetite.
If I do need something it's normally a few almonds,
an Activia yogurt or a fiber bar.
This works for me.

What works for you? What's on your plate?

Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow ...