03 August 2010

New bloggy look & my 200th post! WOOT!

Oh my geesh! All this excitement
for me all wrapped into one post! YEEEEE
I will keep it as mellow as possible in an effort
to avoid a mucho cheesy effect. :O)
You're welcome.

So I revamped my blog. Still playing with it
but you catch my drift. Right?
I wanted to incorporate more photos
because my family is absolutely my
inspiration for
Life Love and Laughter and they
keep me motivated which makes me good at what
I do in Business.  I strive to succeed because of them. 
I love them past the moon and back
a bazillion times over so I wanted to
display the cute faces of Hubber and Daughter.
They are adorable aren't they? :o)
(I am smiling right now - btw)

Sooo ... New bloggy look also
means new bloggy stuff.
That's right!
New features {topics} ~
some daily, some seasonal, guest bloggers, etc.
 You will have to stay tuned for the goods.
I can tell you that I. Am. Excited!

This blog has become a passion of mine.
Seriously, ask Hubber.
I am getting kind of obsessed.
I have set a few goals for my future -
some include bloggy and
I am ready to go after them. After my plan. :O)

I am so excited that this is my 200th post!
Who would have thought? I think everyone should blog.
Well those who can see the value in it anyway. 

Have a fabulous night! Until tomorrow ...

P.S. Count down to So Cal trip this weekend.
Long Beach * Pasadena * Downey
Brother * Galaxy vs. Real Madrid * Pageant Orientation
All in 2 days and I am stoked!