13 August 2010

Friday Fun Facts ~ cont ...

Here are the rest of the fun facts. YAY!
Not much left so here ya go ...

Fact #7
I have this facination with working out.
Not to be buff or anything like that, just to be toned.
Know what I mean?
Exercise + healthy food choices make reaching my
goals much easier.

Fact #8
I love the show Top Chef. Although I am
not a huge fan of cooking, I enjoy watching the show.
You can say it inspires me. Sometimes.
Well, (hee hee) last night I watched Top Chef DC
while on the elliptical.  Guess what happened next?
I cooked the ground turkey and seasoned it too.
Keep in mind I am not sure what goes good with what so
I just went for it and wa la!
Oh ya that's right (pat pat) it was pretty good too!
I used Italian seasoning mix, cajun seasoning, minced onion & garlic salt. 
It made our pasta dish so tasty and the family didn't complain.

Fact #9
We have had these adorable cookie jars for a long time.
My mother-in-law gave them to us when they moved. 
They are so cute ~ in my opinion.
These cutsie cookie jars are decorated on both sides but I prefer to keep
the fruit side out.  The fruits are more colorful. 

Which side do you like best?

Fact #10
We have 3 kitties.  They are the cutest kitties too.
I am sometimes jealous of how good these gentle little
animals have it.  I mean who wouldn't be?
Sleep 20 hours a day.  Get up only when necessary.
Food dish is always full.  They are always waited on.
Hmmm ... sounds good to me - sometimes. :o)
They love love love when we open the windows.

Fact #11
I think green tea is fantabulous. Really.
I drink at least 2 cups a day-unsweetened. It's healthy.

I will leave you with that.  Not super cool, I know but none the less
it's a little about me.  Well, I think I am pretty cool actually. :o)

Have a great weekend!  Until Monday ...