09 August 2010

Weekend recap ...

I think Monday {back to the grind day} came much too fast.
Don't you? Actually, I think Mondays always come to fast.
Just my opinion.

Anyhoo ...
We took a short road trip to L.A. this weekend.
By short I mean short lived. Left Friday night and
were back home Sunday night.
Yep! Definitely a short one. But so jam-packed and tons of fun.

Friday night we arrived at brother-in-law's place about 11:30pm.
We chatted for a while then went to sleep.

Saturday was an early morning. We had to get up, get ready
and meet the family for breakfast.  We ate at this
place in Long Beach called Pelican Isle. It was pretty tasty.
mmm ... I love breakfast food!

After breakfast we did a little shopping then headed to ...

we got there very early.  Like 6 hours before game time early.
We had too though since they were expecting a very packed house.
The game (LA Galaxy vs. Real Madrid) was
drawing a pretty big crowd.  There were tailgaters all over the place.

We had a good time just relaxing and taking in all of the festivities
at the Soccerfest.

Kylee's first trip over to the Soccerfest was with her grandparents
and then with Ashley ...
She wanted to go check everything out.  A few times. Three times to be exact.
While they were walking around we hung out. Chatted. Snacked. Took in all of the people.
There was a lot going on and it was fun.

Brothers ... just chillin'

Kylee came back to tell me they had turkey legs at the Soccerfest.
Oh boy! Only if I were hungry enough to eat one.
Turkey legs are my favorite stadium/amusement park treat.

After a while Hubber and I headed back to Soccerfest with Kylee so
she could have a portrait done. She referred to it as
the "bobblehead drawing".  It took me a minute to understand what
she was talking about. Then after her description I got it.
I mean how could you not know what a bobblehead drawing is
when you are told, "you know, it's where they draw your
head really big and put a tiny body on it." Ooooh ... got it!

And her tattoo ...
which is still intact by the way. Even after boogy boarding
in the ocean and a shower. Yep, it still looks the same today.

Sunday was pageant orientation.  Hubber dropped me off
then took daughter and her friend to the beach.  I heard they had a blast!
The orientation was really fun.  I enjoyed hearing from all of
the contestants and learning what their platforms are.

The young contestants were amazing.  I think it is so important
to get our youth involved in the community and boy does
this pageant really open that door for them. For everyone actually.

I got to meet a lot of amazing ladies and I am looking forward to
getting to know them better over the 3 days in September.
I am getting so excited!
(more later)

*Photos from inside the stadium will be up tomorrow.*

I must now get back to the grind ... Until tomorrow.