11 August 2010

Hey hey it's What's on your plate? Wednesday!

Do you have kids? No kids? Do you eat like a kid?
Are you trying to get your kids, yourself, your family
to embrace healthier meals?

Well, it may be easier then you think. 
First step: start with one meal at a time. How about starting with dinner?
Second step: Pick up Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook - Deceptively Delicious.
Trust me. You will fall in love with this one.

Back in January Daughter and I made the meatloaf from this book.
I am not a huge cooking fan so when I do it and someone likes it you can
bet I am going to blog about it. Which I did by the way. Check the post out here.
And as you will read, Daughter LOVED it.
Simple and healthy. Yep, just my style.

Today for breakfast I had a bowl of Honey Bunches of oats
and skim milk.  Although I tweeted I was going to make a
latte, I didn't. I know! No coffee this morning and yet I was still productive.

Lunch was a late one and I got my grub down on a
spicy chicken sandwich. Lettuce and tomato included.  Got to wash it down
with a glass of unsweetened iced tea. YUM!

For dinner we are having chicken breast marinated in Sweet Baby Ray's
BBQ sauce. Have you tried this bbq sauce? If not, you should!
Green beans and sliced cucumbers to boot!

Oh shoot, just realized I haven't put the chicken in the marinade.
Eeek! Gotta go. 

Please share what's on your plate.  Until tomorrow ...