18 August 2010

What's on your plate? Veggies! That's what?

Veggies! Veggies! & more VEGGIES!
I really can't get enough. Can't you tell?
Veggies are so good for you. You can do so much with them.
Just try to eat them in different ways. Use seasonings.
Puree them and add to your meatloaf. Your marinade. Your anything!

Look at the variety! Mmmm
photo source

And look what you can do to get your kids to eat them ...
photo source
(I heart finding these types of ideas)

Summer + Hot nights + Not feeling the heat of the oven = SALADS!
And lots of them.
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You can add so much to salads.  I like to add leftover meat
or fish from dinner the night before.  Makes for a YUMMY lunch I tell ya!

Another easy dish is sushi! You can add what ever you want to your roll.
We are big sushi eaters in our house.  We even got daughter a
sushi roll maker (form thingy) for her birthday.
(the key to the sticky
is the correct rice people. Trust me on this. ;0) ...
photo source

I just love veggies and thankfully daughter does too. 
Hubber is doing much better and trying more stuff.  He really likes
butternut squash! YAHOOO!

Check out this site for free printable food coloring pages.
It's a fantabulous activity for the kiddies and hey, maybe coloring the veggies
can get them more excited to eat the veggies! Just a thought.
Also tell them they can build their own veggie bikes if they promise to eat them too!

Mmmm ... Happy vegetizing!  Until tomorrow ...