24 August 2010

Her tomatoes have sprouted!

Cute huh?!

I was at Michael's craft store with a friend and
saw the cutest little growing kits on the clearance shelf.
A kit for sunflowers and a kit for tomatoes.

I decided that since we want to start an actual real life
raised bed garden in the spring that I would get a
little something for Daughter now. That way she could get
the hang of watering her {crops} every day. Right?! 
Well so far so good! 

Her maters are spoutin'!

So ... ummm ... ya ...
we aren't too sure what is, or was, in the small clay pots.
I got those from the $1 section at Target a while ago.
They have been in the dining window, the kitchen window, outside,
inside, knocked over by the cats, over-watered by daughter, etc.
Not sure if they are supposed to be herbs or plants. We can't remember.
I am not sure they even have seeds left in them.
Daughter insists there are still seeds in them
so I placed the little {dirt} pots outside next to her tomatoes
to be watered daily. 
No sprouts in the pots yet because they are dirt. Just dirt.
Oh well, we are having fun with it and that is all that matters.

I will keep you posted on our sprouting maters and dirt pots!

Until tomorrow ...