10 August 2010

Some MLS fun ...

As mentioned yesterday ... more photos from the game:

We had THE best time with the inlaws, little {middle} brother, beautiful Ashley
and some of her fantabulous friends.  Seriously,they were very nice.
Ashley & I.  Isn't she adorable?

Although the Galaxy did not win (3-2) it was a very charged game.
Full of action. Lots of screams. Tons of spirit. For both teams.
Really, we had the Ronaldo (Real Madrid) cheering squad right behind us.
Daughter busts out with the following,
"he's cute but he is no Justin Bieber."
Personally, I was diggin' his flourescent orange cleats.

What else? you ask? Oh sure. Here you go ...

Daughter & I ... Heart her!

We had amazing seats thanks to little {middle} brother.

We had close-ups on all of the action ...

Donovan scored ... of course!

Luckily Daughter made a sign for him ...

Such a great night. Thanks again little {middle} brother!
Casey, Ashley & Daughter

Good luck to the LA Galaxy on the remainder of their season!

Have a great night. Until tomorrow ...