16 August 2010

Meet Mr. Whiskers ...

Ta da!

This is how it went down:
Scene ~ I am at my office. Grandma (my Mom) is watchng daughter. 
I get a phone call ...

Daughter: "MOM! We are at the pet store. Can I get a hamster?!"

Me: "Remember the fake hamster that you didn't take care of?"
{we did an experiment 2 years ago to see
if she could take care of a stuffed animal hamster}

Daughter: "Yes but mom I will take care of this one. I promise. I will even use my allowance to buy it stuff."
{she must want one badly}

Me: "I am going to say no but you can ask your dad."
{hee hee hee}

Daughter: "Ok! Love you. Bye!"

Phone rings ...

Hubber: {laughing} "She wants a hamster."

Me: "I know. She called me first and I told her no then said she could ask you." {hee hee hee}

Hubber: {laughing} "That's now how this works Buddy."

Me: "I know." {hee hee hee} "She wants one really bad. Let's give it a try."

Hubber: "Ok."

I call my mom back and ask her some additional questions.
All the while I can hear daughter giggling and making noises in the background.
She can barely contain her excitement.

I get daughter on the phone and tell her the good news - she can get a hamster.
I warned her that there are no exceptions! If it stinks or she starts to ignore it
the thing is gone.
She agreed.

A few hours later my phone rings again ...

Daughter: "Mom! I got a rat and his name is Mr. Whiskers!!!"

Me: "A what?! You asked for a hamster. Not a rat."

Daughter: "I asked for a hamster or a rat."

Me: "No you didn't. {grumble grumble} Same rules. If you don't take care of it we are letting it go."

Daughter: "Ok! I promise. Love you!"

So the day with Grandma turned into a trip to the pet store and the
purchase of a rat and all the goods for him.
My mom also got her a nice book which tells her how to care for and
train Mr. Whiskers.

Come to find out rats are more mellow and make better pets then hamsters
so we are fine with it.  And, she loves him already.

I held him yesterday. He is pretty darn cute.  Yes, I admitted it.

Happy cage cleaning to daughter!  Until tomorrow ...